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A Stealth Wind

Miranda Castro

A Stealth Wind

a strong and silent type blew in out of nowhere
a sneaky wind it stole up while nearly everyone slept

one minute all was quiet and the next an eerie whoosh gushed into all the air spaces
alice and I pricked up our ears made big eyes at each other and leapt off the bed

a beautiful wind not frightening at all
so silent i laughed nervously at its audacity
so powerful it made me believe in spirit
so strong i ran out to catch its swirling shirt tails
and stuff them in to my soul’s jaded dusty depths
so exciting alice threw herself splayed flat on the mosquito netting
ears pricked forward bushy tail swooshing eyes like gig lamps

the whole sky lit up blues and greens as lightening crashed into power lines
our 60 foot rubber tree thrashed about and bowed down to kiss the ground
the resident iguanas didn’t scream or shriek
did they cling on instinctively hoping or knowing it wouldn’t last long
if so they were right as iguanas often are about the mundanities of life
especially mother nature’s tropical vagaries

alice and i stayed put until the show ran out of steam
as the wind fell properly silent we traipsed back to our boring bed
to dream up windy adventures our whiskers and eyeballs twitching

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