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Judgement Day

John Paul Murphy

Judgement Day

So judgement day, it came and went
David and Goliath oan that day squared up
Oor wee people against all who were sent
To disseminate lies on command from the top
‘You’ll need to make sacrifices’- Is this lent?
Perfidious plotting, as ever the empire, when will it stop

False promises of autonomy, hegemony and self rule
Made so late in the day, taking us for fools
Contemptuously committing to things they can’t deliver
Assuming we wouldn’t realise as we’re not very clever
Leaked stories about the health service being on its knees
Not so forthcoming with the McCrone report were you? Please!

Our licences paid for the lies on the telly
Our broadcasting corporation acting like Machiavelli
Circulating lies, and attempting to discredit
A progressive movement that will not die – don’t you get it?

The British establishment quaked in its boots
Shaking to its foundations, straight down to its roots
A set of demands, our rights as a nation
Our hope for the future filled them with trepidation

We called for a government that reflected our voting choices
For control of our destiny, including our resources
A dream to eradicate social need
Taking with it the cancerous corporate greed
We never signed up for a nuclear deterrent
Get rid of it now, we find it abhorrent
We revile the oppressors, and embrace the oppressed
We don’t support Israeli terrorists, not at your behest
Sending young men into war should be a last resort
Not to fill Tories pockets, you know the sort

Bevan will be anxiously turning in his grave
Your plans to sell off the health service, truly depraved
Societies vulnerable should receive appropriate care
Not be pushed toward the brink, towards humiliating despair
A nation where books are more important than bombs
Where we don’t need food banks, and we flourish, with aplomb

We marched to the polls that day in September
Only to have our hearts broken, it’s still raw, we still remember
They said it would be once in a generation
They said it with the utmost equivocation
But now material circumstances have changed
Dragged out of the European Union, are you deranged?

We won’t accept any further procrastination
Its time to secure the future of our proud nation
Your lies won’t work this time around
Freedom square will explode with the victorious sound
To Westmonster we can finally say our goodbyes
Stay strong, stay confident, make sure you vote Aye

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