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3 weeks is a long time in poetry...

It's hard to believe that City of Poets website went live less than three weeks ago, or that City of Poets only launched at the end of May. Already we have poets registered on the website (double figures!). Our popular, Making Pies; 6 workshops for the closet poet, has completed twice. As a result, newly hatched poets, understanding we all have an innate poetic gift from infancy, are already paddling in Glasgow's deep creative waters, getting ready to plunge into the swim. There are thanks to be shared: Jay Wood for his webmastery; Vicky at the The Wee Retreat for hosting us (twice!); Linda Jackson and Seahorse Publications for enthusiasm, open mic nights, and podcasts; all of our City of Poets registered poets who have had faith in us; and our comms team, Elena and Casey who will soon be going crazy on social media. How lucky are we!


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