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Thabo is a writer, performer and spoken word artist from South Africa, living in Scotland since early 2023. During this period he has collaborated with dance artist Pirita Tuisku to preview their work titled Beautiful Chaos 2.0 (May 2023). More recently they have started research and development for a new work with the working title, The Measure Of Beauty. Thabo commonly writes variously on love, behaviour and belief, as known through the lens of ordinary citizens, and often steps out the idea of conventional poetry. More importantly Thabo enjoys the process of working and collaborating with individuals from different practices, including dance, music, and theatre, as this provides the opportunity to develop new scores and learn other forms of inspiration.

Connection to Glasgow

Thabo is currently based in Edinburgh but had the opportunity to visit Glasgow for the first time on his fourth day in Scotland, and instantly fell in love with the vibrant city. He says, "It boasts a rich tapestry of nationalities, from the indigenous people to a diverse mix of immigrant. The diversity reflected in the art, cuisine and cultural events instantly reminded me of Johannesburg."
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