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Join City of Poets

Are you a poet with connections to Glasgow? Would you like to reach a wider audience? Would you like to be hired to write bespoke poetry for clients, or to perform poetry at events? Would you be interested in helping aspiring poets through one to one tutorials or through workshops?

City of Poets would love to collaborate with you to bring your poetic talents to the people of Glasgow.

To register, just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you. Or, contact us if you have any questions.

Benefits of Joining


Develop your work

Being a part of City of Poets could help grow and define your work by getting to know more local poets, accessing free workshops, and by participating in our program of paid workshops and tutorials.


 Society of Authors

Our registered poets are  entitled to 10% off membership to Society of Authors, the UK trade union for all types of writers (annual fees start at £78 pa). Society members receive unlimited free advice on all aspects of the profession, including confidential clause-by-clause contract vetting, and a wide range of exclusive offers, among them discounts with booksellers such as Waterstones.  


Income generation

We actively pursue employment opportunities for poets through laureateships, workshop leadership & tutorials, as well as encouraging the use of poets for celebratory events and entertainment.   

Image by Trust "Tru" Katsande

We'll need various bits of information from you in the following form. 

We'll need your:

  • real name and performance name or pseudonym (we'll display your performance name on the Directory of Poets

  • email address

  • a link to your website/Facebook page etc where you showcase your poetry

  • What types of work are you available for? Bespoke written work, performance, helping others through one to one tutorials, facilitating poetry workshops?

  • What poetic themes do you specialize in? 

  • an image you'd like presented for you on the Directory of Poets. It could be of you or any appropriate copyright-free image.

  • information on your connection to Glasgow: this can include being, or having been: resident; born; educated;  employed in Glasgow. It can also include having family connections in Glasgow.

  • detailed information about you to display on the Directory of Poets: include here things like the type of poetry you write and/or perform; what your influences are; how you are connected to Glasgow; your age, include your background, and your employment if you think any are relevant; if you have had work published/undertaken commissions/acted as a Poet Laureate/taught or would like to teach/lead poetry/workshops; notable performances; why you write poetry or might like to write poetry...

COP website is owned and operated by a committee of local poets. All material posted on the website is at the discretion of the committee and their decision as to what is posted is final. If you would like any input on your submission please ask. 

We'd also love to have a sample of your poetry to display on City of Poets. Please go to the Poetry  page and follow the submission instructions.

Enough talk! Hit the button below to sign up.

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