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City of Poets

Paid work now & in the future


Seven poets sought by Glasgow Life to contribute 4 line works,

in English, Gaelic/Gàidhlig, or in Scots

to a poster campaign

commemorating 10 years since the Commonwealth Games. 

Fee to each selected poet: £25 (per selected poem) 

Entry: free.

Submissions close: June 15, 2024

Selected poets announced: June 21, 2024

Selection of poets: by Glasgow Life staff


Posters will show 3 things:

your work, credited to you,

 a message contributed by sports, library, or NHS venues,

Glasgow Life and City of Poets logos as the footer.


Posters to be displayed within

all participating Glasgow Life sports venues,

Glasgow public libraries, and hopefully all Glasgow NHS GP practices.

please email your entry as an attached PDF, open office, or word document

  • do not include your name on the ATTACHMENT



10 members sought to staff the WORD SALAD board

in the Tramway Foyer

at Healing Arts Scotland (HAS) national event 

with Scottish Ballet, World Health Organisation (WHO). 


Here is a link to our mention on their website where we are listed

as participants in the evening finale, and where a group photo from the launch of 

Glasgow City of Poets Annual Review 2023 is featured in the gallery.

Applications open: June 30, 2024 

Fee to members for attending: £50

for full day’s attendance August 21, 2024 9.30am - 6pm

plus guaranteed access to the concert finale


The first part of the activity,

(which will be fully finalised by June 30), 


meeting the public, engaging them in conversation,

encouraging them to add words to the salad boards

The second part of the activity involves:

working with interested members of the public between 4pm and 6pm

to create 5 poems to commemorate the 5 themes of HAS, which this year are 

loneliness and isolation;

youth mental health;


confinement's impact on creativity and wellbeing;

and finally NHS social prescribing

(where the health value of arts and community is clinically recognised.) 

The third part of the activity will involve 5 members 

presenting/performing each of the resulting poems 

as part of the concert finale. 


please email your interest in being one of the staff by June 30, using this form. 



Applications to lead MAKING PIES workshops

are open to graduates of the PIES programme (MAKING PIES and POETRY, PIES, & BEYOND)

Fee to workshop leaders: £50 per workshop 

please email your interest.



for members experienced in sales and who wish sell to sponsors (prizes; adverts, campaigns) 

We have developed a full set of sales materials, outlining costs and benefits, that

are of potential interest to commercial organisations, individuals, trusts etc.

Fee: percentage commission plus residuals

please email  to us your interest and experience.


for qualified members to offer and charge for services 

Fee: set by individual editor

please email  to us your interest and experience.

see here for a sample entry.


for members’ books to appear in the online book shop. 

Fee to authors: 90% of book retail value. 

Purchasers pay Post and Packing when applicable.

See the shop here.

please email  to us your interest.

For those of you who have already expressed interest,

please send a digital cover of your book,

the retail price, and whether you will manage the dispatch.



monthly opportunities to write for City of Poets website blog

was launched in May 2024

Currently the fee per blog is: £5

As readership increases so too will fees.

please email  to us your interest and a sample blog.

Publication of blogs is at the discretion of City of Poets.

in the future

POETS in POST - funding has been sought, to match a £5K donation from a benefactor, to establish 4 Poets in Post in the North, South, East, and West of Glasgow. The project will require workshop leaders, planners, and celebration. We will announce here, and by email to members, and on social media, if our proposal is accepted.

OILCAN - a 10 person writing team, and a project photographer/archivist, are being sought to write (and record the writing of) the libretto of a 90 minute musical (fully sung) - all subject to sponsorship/funding support.

In preparation, those interested should apply. The application form for prospective writers, including a one page outline of the project, will be available here from June 15, 2024.

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