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The following three poems from City of Poets' membership, on the theme of WELLBEING, were performed at the festival launch on Friday September, 2023 at
Finn's Place
167 Ledard Rd, Glasgow G42 9QU


© Suzy Berry, 2023


I gaze upon the walrus narrated by David Attenborough

feeling renewed by this nature documentary pause in busting Edinburgh.

in comfortable trousers I conduct my yoga practice in earnest

before getting deep and philosophical

chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo as a Buddhist internist

Seeing the SGI as truly anthroposophical.

I feel my third eye opening as I play with reiki it’s purely logical.

With the taste of a self-made delicious burrito my joy does multiply

Along with the globules of avocado that I always apply

I use vegan cheese to gel my creation together

It makes me happy whatever the weather.

using a slightly dogged notebook I take time to do my journaling

and begin to feel all my worries unburdening

I put myself forward as an extra to work with the Warner Bros Association

And get excited to be picked for Batgirl’s creation.

Because I know how exciting life is when you say yes to everything

And feel enticed by what life may bring.

That said when my hair is looking like a bedraggled haystack

and 3 days working on a festival marquee has me picking up flack;

after I’ve trundled to my tent to find the seepage of rainwater

has ruined my favourite socks the ones with the cute otter

there is nothing more enticing than just letting be

fantasizing about a flock duvet and watching some cable TV.

The Healing has Begun
© Martin Goldie, 2023


Fled from broken world’s bleak pain

from broken glass and broken dreams

and loveless world’s empty words,

drawn she went in glint of sunlight beam,

strong in rare day’s gay abandon,

wild in wounded childlike skip and hop

through lea’s scented wildflower splash,

to amber world’s long missed healing hush.

Before the breeze her pained hand stretched

to grasp for hope or love or both

or just the chance of brief escape

from mere existence,

in flights fleeting ceasefire

in thoughtless moment free of woe,

the healing has begun.

Nouricin Masel
© Keeks Mc, 2023


Ah ken ma mind weel

but Ah’m aye aiger tae be feckfu

an fin the want tae tak it an sprint

- the keenest, the fastest

Aifter fowerty year Ah’ve waukent

an seen the licht

Ah cannae poor fae a tuin snippy

an aye pooshion ma bluid

wi fixes o sugar, caffeine an booze

The wey forrit is wan troke at a time

mense an lint

Wile awa the meenits in luve

no angst

an stap gein a tuppney damm

aboot the wee things

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