City of Poets offers the monthly TINY PRIZE to any poet registered on our website.

Entry is free. The prize is worth £5, and one could be forgiven for thinking it's not worth it...

It is.

• a poet is recognised
• winning can go on a CV 
• £5 still just about buys a drink
• it adds to a local buzz about poetry 12 times a year
• your work is shared across our social media platforms and City of Poets community

Themes are:
November - Autumn • December - Light • January - Rest
February - Winter • March - Wind • April - Water
May - Spring • June - renewal • July - Family
August - Summer • September - Change • October - Eternity

Submissions must be :
by email only
only from poets registered with City of Poets
from poets with PayPal accounts
with the subject line: "TINY PRIZE - xyz month - theme
16 lines
or fewer
within the body of the email - no attachments

closing date for submissions is the 15th of each preceding month -
ie, to submit May - Spring,
• please ensure that we receive it by 15 April.
• results will be notified on the last day of April.
• May's winning poem will be published on the first of May
• your £5 will be credited to your PayPal account by May 15.

regrettably, shortage of time does not permit us 
to enter into correspondence about the results of the TINY PRIZES