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Clarity is Sought


Clarity is Sought

You try so hard to flee and fly away
from this nightmare – from this scene –
the forests so green – they beckon you on.
To escape cleanly – your goal and dream – that’s
where you come from – there and back –

falling and screaming into an abyss,
and surrendering your soul forever to
the mist so foreboding and so cruel,
yet comforting, for clarity is bright –
a jewel – and teaches you about him.

Though you hold him close – your dearest –
he confuses, torments.
You call for help – fear – you are alone in this,
and darkness – you can’t leave – not now.
You cry, beg, plea for escape from this hell.

Are you destined to flail, trip, fall –
to bear the brunt of this pain?
Is it too late? What does he gain? Against him,
you struggle to fly – ascertain – yet clarity is sought –
here you hide – in vain, you struggle –

strong and alone – fearing him – you –
those who seek your misery – your fall –
those who seek to lull you.
You cannot bring yourself to fall for him,
to trust in him, to see it through, and

play this game of chance and risk –
you bring him closer – hold him tight –
yet falter – he slips away from
the light. You only seek clarity, yet it runs –
you plea for it – for your turn and chance.

You call out, cry in, and within yourself
you seek solace, support – anything live –
anything from him. You need this, need him
to come for you - to free you from this abyss.
You are alone in your sorrow – your fall.

You must fight for him – not run from this.
Face the hysteria and pain holding you close –
survive this field – survive this strife –
strong and with life. With him you are not,
but with yourself you must

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