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Adam Burnel


When I saw the man
With his phone jacked into his ear
Into his mouth, his eyes.
I thought he must be an American.
So jacked his speech
Words so jacked.

When he spoke
I heard another voice.
Still jacked jazzed up
Not American.
I was not sure.

When I saw his gaze.
Jacked in through eyes jacked open.
His jaw jacked jerked splitting words and sounds.
Sweat out on cane skin.
Out in stinking adrenaline buzz bursts.
Nostrils flared, blaring
All straining crashing into forwards.

In his company and adrift
Child and child and
Slower silent.
Holding on the edge of his jacked bursting buzz
Afraid of the fear of falling behind
This jacked up jump started man.

Slipstreaming floral dress
Soft falling flow patterned
All three in one
Else orbiting other
Ebb flowing all being
All being each other.
Though attached
To this buzz jacked jump crashing man.

Adam Burnel June 2022 (waiting for a plane in Split airport)

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