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Smoke and Mirrors

John Paul Murphy

Smoke and Mirrors

We’re told we’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis, but don’t be fooled
Its been falsely manufactured by those who have for too long ruled
In reality it’s a crisis of profit for the big corporations
A gap that will need to be plugged by the most impoverished in the nation

We’re told we’re in the midst of an energy production crisis
Yet the big players are somehow increasing their profits, by thrice
Our energy bills have went up by more than double
Leaving the most vulnerable in the shit, in a whole lot of trouble

We’re told theres a need to cut public spending, a need to give and take
All the while the former chancellor is making tax submission mistakes
Worth almost four million, that’s a big mistake to make
Your nothing but a fraudster, a charlatan, a fake

Yet the prime minister does nothing, he turns the other cheek
Tries to distract you, hoping you’ll forget within the week
Lets talk about the Russians, that’ll keep them pacified
All the while they’ve hidden, and masked, and they’ve lied

Whilst what the Russians are doing is indubitably wrong
Our imperial past makes it feel hypocritical to be singing this song
Only today Israel has once again attacked Jenin
Something we’ve in the past witnessed and already seen
Yet we continue to send weapons, provide diplomatic support
Tell the public something different, disseminate false reports

The war in the Ukraine provides such a welcome distraction
From the public sector strikes at home, as they try to remove their traction
These are the same workers who kept us going during the pandemic
Yet their being demonised in a manner that’s truly systemic
It reflects a pattern that seems to keep the Tories afloat
They’ll run the country into the ground, blaming a vulnerable scapegoat

The time has come to see through their smoke and mirrors, don’t let them deceive
You know the truth in your heart, you know what to believe

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