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John Paul Murphy


Openly ridiculed for what is described as confusion
There is nothing acceptable about this blatant intrusion
Why do you care about what they think is authentic?
What has it got to do with you? Your comments are pathetic

Twenty years ago it was accepted as a normal act
To criticise homosexuals for their perversion of ‘normal facts’
Portraying them as deviants and threats to our youth
Without any substantive basis, without any modicum of truth

Now that society has finally accepted people who are gay
There is a new and obvious target for their misanthropic hate
They argue being transgender means someone has mental ill health
Ignoring the evidence, of which there is an abundant wealth

Why is it so hard to believe a woman can be born in a mans body?
Why do you care when it won’t affect your life in any way?
Standing on your soap boxes, belting out rhetoric that is demagogic
When if you pause, and have a think, why is it so oppositional to logic?

It is of course your right, to believe in an all powerful creator
To believe in an omnipotent, omnipresent world saviour
If he or she truly is the creator of everything
Shouldn’t we embrace and celebrate and sing?
When one of his or her creations deviates
We certainly shouldn’t ridicule, or bully, or berate

In a truly progressive society, where new discoveries are experimental
Trans rights, like any other basic human right, should be truly fundamental
So join us on a journey we hope turns out to be transcendental
Unless you’re on the right spouting hate, its not coincidental
That the same group of people who are trans and homophobe
Tend to be misogynistic racists, courting disharmony all across the globe

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