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Keeks Mc


Although Keeks Mc is very new to poetry, having just started writing in 2021, she has been widely published both at home and abroad, even as far from her home in Scotland as India. Keeks writes exclusively in Scots, in a direct, candid style, often employing sarcasm or humour to express points and observations in her poetic social commentaries. These are brought colourfully to life in her energetic and engaging performances. Keeks' work is available in her 2021 chapbook "Rede wi yer Hert", and her first full length collection,"Contermacious Temerity", published March 2023 both by Dreich publications. Copies of her work are available directly from the author or at and she can be followed on Instagram @keeksmcpoetry.

Connection to Glasgow

Keeks Mc was born, raised and still lives in Glasgow.
Keeks Mc
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