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Laurie Goldie


I am a maw-ae-twa originally fae Fife, but been livin in Glesga fur o'er a decade. I have been writing poems and daft wee rhymes for as long as I can remember, but only recently have started sharing my work publicly. My day job involves running workshops and training sessions education people on the Care Experienced community, so solidarity with marginalised identities and social justice are natural themes in my work. I write whenever I feel something so strongly I need to unpick it a bit. This often comes in the form of anger or frustration, but I'm also take lots of inspiration from the funny and frankly silly aspects of life. I write in both English and Scots. I was recently approached to perform at the March of the Mummies rally in George Square by the campaign Pregnant then Screwed and this experience has motivated me to seek further opportunities to perform and connect with other local writers.

Connection to Glasgow

I live in Maryhill
Laurie Goldie
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