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Nicola Kirk


I am a former teacher studying to become a counsellor. I have loved reading and listening to poetry from a young age. I wrote a lot in my angst-ridden teens and early twenties, but for many years after that I neglected to write. I am now starting to remedy that after attending the Making Pies: 6 workshops for the closet poet with the City of Poets, followed by 1:1 tutorials with Anne Sikking, which have raised my confidence and inspired my creativity once again. I am enjoying observing the world around me from a new perspective, looking out for the inspiration for my next poem.

Connection to Glasgow

I have lived in Glasgow for most of my life now, after moving here from West Yorkshire at the age of sixteen. I love the place and the people, especially the humour, and like to think I am an adopted Glaswegian.
Nicola Kirk
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