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R S Kendle


A poet and a writer. R S Kendle is from the north-east of Scotland and holds a BA Honours in English Literature and Politics from the University Of Strathclyde. R S Kendle's work has been featured in several publications, including Feminist Space Camp, Free Verse Revolution, and The Winged Moon. As a feminist and a survivor of sexual assault, these themes are often explored, along with issues surrounding identity, mental health, and the feminine experience. Through poetry, the hope is to challenge the stigma in talking about taboo subjects like mental illness and sexual abuse, to let others know they are not alone, and to validate these experiences. R S Kendle is also greatly inspired by the natural world, in particular, the landscape of homeland and of Scottish identity and has facilitated a range of, in-person, technique-based poetry workshops for Stonehaven Library. As an Associate Artists for Outpost Arts, R S Kendle created and delivered a short series of on-line, creative writing workshops as part of their Youth Art Journal Project. In these, participants explore the connections between mindfulness, nature, and poetry. R S Kendle is also a volunteer editor for Mxogyny, an on-line and print platform for marginalised creatives.

Connection to Glasgow

R S Kendle studied at the University Of Strathclyde, and lived in Glasgow for eight years.
R S Kendle
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