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Zakariyah has loved creative writing since first holding a pencil. First wanting to study medicine, Zakariyah was forced to step back due to ill health (both physical and mental) and instead pursued a degree and career in art and animation. Participating post-pandemic in clinical trials for psychedelic assisted therapy caused some bad burn out, yet during it all Zakariyah has kept writing: soothing, exploring and expressing the self with written words. Zakariyah says, "Recently I have experimented more with poetry and song and have found them ideal conduits for processing things I have gone through; finding peace and clarity during present efforts and solidifying the values and ideas I hope will shape my future. I still don’t know where I will find my niche in the world, but I know the words will always be with me."

Connection to Glasgow

Zakariyah went to high school in Glasgow,and has family and friends in the city.
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