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Building an anthology is a creative process.
Doing it by committee is a
n annual learning curve...
The Editorial Team is ideally 5 people and refreshes annually, as the Lead steps away and a new CoP member is invited to join the Team.

Submissions window for Glasgow's City of Poets
2023 Anthology is now closed

The Editorial Team, Adam Burnel, Nicola Kirk, Jacqueline A Smith, under the editorial Lead of Anne Sikking, is now arranging the work and creating the dummy.
The cover will soon be available to view.

As this is our first anthology, the timetable is tight...

Proposed Production Schedule:
any changes to this schedule will be posted here...

September 22 (on or before) copyright/permission emails will be sent to all contributors
September 25 copyright/permission emails must be returned by or your may have to be dropped
September 30 (on or before)

sample cover will be distributed to all members (subject to designer)
pre-publication discounted sales will open, (subject to cover being complete) 
a member of the Editorial Team will contact you to arrange how to communicate, eg.a zoom or email

October 5 (on or before) you will receive notice of the pieces of your work that have been selected by
October 20 (on or before) you will have the page proof to sign off
October 25 (on or before) you must sign off/communicate about the page proof 
October 31 (on or before)book will go to print
November 15 is publication date , subject to printer's schedule
Wednesday 15 November, book launch, subject to printer's schedule

Email us if necessary, but let's try and keep emails to a minimum. Thanks! 


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