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Krishnamurti's Provocation

Suzy Berry

Krishnamurti's Provocation

Judged for being judgemental,
by judges who are fucking mental.
In a profoundly sick society,
full of people ruled by anxiety,
if you’re well adjusted,
then your head is truly busted.
If you reach your protein quota,
but you don’t care one iota
about giving your stomach what your eyes can’t take,
isn’t it time to start to create
instead of fuelling the hate
with what’s on your plate?
Is it a measure of health
to be so aligned with wealth
you throw ethics aside?
With whom are you truly allied?
To the ego in your head
or the bottle at the side of your bed?
When all prior beliefs are defective,
and you align with changing perspective,
respect worthy teachers become fear mongering preachers.
When people you love
have beliefs you can’t conceive of,
what do you do when the world is askew?
When everything is new?
Who do you define as you?
When sights awaken memories that shake the soul
it’s easy to evaluate what to put in your bowl.
If your eyes can’t handle reality
and you need to disassociate from your cup of tea.
It’s time to get over your own apathy
Start being part of a world that’s really free

The poem and title is inspired by Krishnamurti's quote "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"

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