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The Creative - 1

Sarah Luczaj

The Creative - 1

1. The Creative

The movement of heaven is full of power.

Heaven lies inert in your hand,
movement infuses it
cells leap alive.
I reach my hand towards you
Wavering flight over the depth.

My hand moves impossibly slowly
towards the surface
your eyes catch the movement,
the turning of the cells

like cogs in all this sea machine,
luminous threads beneath sight
yet your hunter eyes catch the move
Dragon appearing in the field.

We stop here. All the workings of the world.
Just at the edge of seeing it -

and to see would be to pull your body up onto the river bank
to sit, and watch
the river move as if you were dry. As if you were god.
Danger. No blame.

We stop here, and my hand is the one to reach you.
It reaches you, and slowly

There appears a flight of dragons without heads.

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