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There is evidence...

Vicky Hope

There is evidence...

There is evidence that I am good
That I am whole, as I am.
That the words I speak have truth
And the stars within are gold.

There is evidence that I am right,
As the sun can nourish and burn,
Like the author who shares truth
Through both plot and virtue.

For the part of me that’s wrong
Is noble and kind as her opposite form.
Knowing she wants nothing but the best for me
Is lodged within our soul.

Yes, the part of me that’s wrong
Must protect with rigid force,
Shining nobility and strength
And a kindness beyond despair.

The part of me that’s wrong,
Is motherly love defined,
Fierce protection to the bone,
Sort curves of kindness overflow.

Without her I’d be naked
Stripped bare to profanity
Bones without flesh
Mirror without reflection
A ghost of things that were.
Yes, this was the part of me,

Wise beyond compare,
She knew silence was the answer,
A shield to engulf the torrent rain.
Keep the wolves at bay,
And not take mother away.

This is the part of me
That has the strength of heart
To carry the sadness of knowing
That I was right all along.

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