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This is what you get when you...

Sarah Luczaj

This is what you get when you...

the receptive (from '64 Changes: a dialogue with the I Ching')

This is what you get when you really have no idea what to do.
And when this turns out not to matter.
By holding fast to what is right, it gains the power of enduring.
I am following you through the sunlit fields.
I don't know the name of anything.

Wherever you go
I'm there, nourishing as milk
in the shape of a shadow.

Without my following, there's no leading.
No creation. Just as there is only one heaven, so too there is only one earth.
Pass me whatever it is that needs to be carried.
The earth in its devotion carries all things
Without time. Straight, square, great.

In holding there is great power, in birthing.
When giving birth, you have no idea what to do. Any ideas will only
impede you. Follow.
Following you through the low sunlit fields without purpose,
Yet nothing remains unfurthered.

Walk in the setting of the sun.
Set down the load and set yourself.
Deepen into the earth that births, like a dead person.
Release the active forces

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