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It's a whole new year...

2023 begins now... Okay, it's just a social construct ( ha ha ha), but it's a useful marker and a potential herald for new things. Here at City of Poets we bring poets together and find opportunities for poetry to pop up in daily life. One of the things we are fond of repeating is "every time you get your work out there, new eyes are reading it" We begin 2023 with opportunities for our members to get their words incorporated in a well-being newsletter that has a monthly readership of 1-2K. Well-being many not be your focus as a poet, but it's a start in our efforts to integrate poetry with mainstream life. Send us your lines from your work and if selected they will be quoted with full credit to you. Stick with us through the year, and who knows, we may yet find Glasgow poets appearing on banking brochures! Happy New Year All, whether a social construct or not, we look forward to the 12 months ahead.


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