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Making Pies Workshop Progress

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

We're midway through the second Making Pies set of 6 free workshops that take place at The Wee Retreat each Tuesday evening.

It's hard to know who is coming away with the most material and the most inspiration, the workshop participants or the so-called workshop leader. Let's just say that the calibre of people attending is fantastic, talented poets of course, but as important is how they contribute to an atmosphere each week where everyone is sharing and appreciating each other's work. There is a clear structure as we work through various elements of poetry, from things as simple as "Who am I actually communicating with?" to more complex ideas of assonance and imagery, but it's all with a light touch even though there is homework!

The next sessions are due to start in September and to take place during the daytime, are free, and open to anyone. 6 and only 6 participants are required.


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