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Whiteboard collaborative poetry!

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Thanks to so many people who came to the launch of City of Poets on May 22, 2022.

As the final event of the Southside Wellbeing Festival, the launch attracted new and established poets, as well as representatives of the Federation of Writers Scotland.

After a brief intro and endorsements from the co-founders, everyone participated in crafting a poem from a series of words and phrases which had been written on a whiteboard by all attending.

Medley 1

A Wee Space for a Poem - Allan Hughes

The fear of falling

had me going against the grain,

and finding a new wall to cross,

I found myself standing in the shade.

Freedoms synchronicity,

squinted in rhythmic alchemy.

brandishing a feather,

the words held like sunshine in my hand.

Falafel balloons flew like mercury,

love found on the no brand aisle,

It flew away, few away......


Medley 2 - the assembled company at the launch of the City of Poets, May 22, 2022

Glasgow, standing in the shade

of Auld Reekie,

Rhythmic. squinty, flinty,

Words held like sunshine in the hand -

Like mercury,


...freedom from the fear of falling.

Falafel balloons, a new wall to cross...

Ah... found in the no brand aisle,

Going against the grain.

Alchemise. Chemistry.

Brandish a feather.


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