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Sunny Govan Radio

An interview on Simone Murray's Community Art broadcast at Sunny Govan Radio, Thursday September 8, coincided with later announcements that same day which have dominated the airwaves and the thoughts of many. Lest our time there be fully eclipsed we want today to appreciate Stig and Delaina at the station who made City of Poets very welcome, and of course Simone herself who hosted nearly an hour of chat. This allowed us to represent City of Poets as an initiative to generate opportunities for poets, communities and enterprises, with routes for all to engage in developing the poet in each of us. Simone had been to the launch of City of Poets on May 22 at the Southside Wellbeing Festival. She remembered how, in the peace and beauty of The Wee Retreat, the address by our inaugural chair had touched on poetry as being a glue, not unlike music. The message was that in poetry the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual can unite in individual expression, whether as poets we speak out loud for others to hear, or in whispers just for ourselves. Thanks to Sunny Govan Radio for allowing this same message to go out to a wider audience.


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