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We haven't been sleeping...

All through January, February, March, and now April, we have not been sleeping. Rather we have been

• launching the TINY PRIZE, which has now had five winners,

• touching base with Edwin Morgan Trust, (it's his photo!) where Pip kindly

provided the copy to help us celebrate the life of this absolutely and quintessentially 'Glasgow' poet,

• honing our social media skills, resulting in a flurry of new posts on Instagram (@city_of_poets) and Facebook (City of Poets),

• working with disadvantaged groups to bring out their astounding poetic voices, • • planning our annual 'thrash' - this year, Sunday 11 June between 3 and 5 at The Wee Retreat, (more info soon!)

and generally beating the poetic drum of City of Poets.

And there is always more to be done!


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