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Andy Well


Born and raised in Italy, Andy Well grew up in a family were the arts were both appreciated but also disregarded as something to pursue. Having always loved literature, history and languages, Andy is currently in the final year of English Language and Linguistics studies at the University of Glasgow. Andy says, "I’ve been writing poetry since I got the teenager emotional rush, firstly as a diary form, then I started writing individual poems reflecting my thoughts and experiences." Influenced by the melancholic and deep feelings of Emily Dickinson, the raw language and passion of Walt Whitman, and the idyllic thinking and sublime descriptions of John Keats, Andy's work explores events that happened in the past in Italy as well as during the first few years after moving to Scotland. Whilst using writing as a way to learn more about the self, at the same time Andy's work presents as universally relatable for those who like to read or listen to it.

Connection to Glasgow

Andy Well is from Italy and moved to Glasgow in 2020 to study and to work.
Andy Well
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