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Ellen Harrold


Ellen Harrold is an artist and writer focused on science and nature. She is completing a master’s degree in Art, Science, and Visual thinking at Dundee University and working as an artist, writer, and editor-in-chief of Metachrosis Literary. A core aspect of her practice is the use of text, drawing, and painting to explore the connection between decay and renewal in the world around us. She has recently published both written pieces with Danse Macabre, New Note Poetry, and Ergi Press. She is a poetry and book reviewer with Dundee University Review of the Arts. She has also recently published her first book ‘Aesthetics and Conventions of Medical Art.'

Connection to Glasgow

Ellen Harrold exhibits and publishes work in Glasgow frequently. It is a place where she has found a lot of support and engagement with both her art and her writing,
Ellen Harrold
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