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Judith Kenny


After school Judith studied Philosophy , Psychology and History of Art as part of a Masters Degree at Aberdeen University . She now works as a jewellery maker and designer and often includes letters and words in her precious metal work. She has an interest in poetry and the etymology of words since studying Latin at school in the 1980’s . Judith's poetry is inspired by themes ranging from her own domestic domain and the people close to her , to the wider world and our own place in it. More recently she has been working on a range of poems just about the sea. Judith has enjoyed attending City of Poets workshops series: first, MAKING PIES, and then POEMS, PIES, & BEYOND, where PIES refers to the capacity of poetry to help unite our Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual selves.

Connection to Glasgow

Judith is a native of Glasgow where she still lives.
Judith Kenny
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