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Laura Clark


Laura Clark is a comedy novelist from Gloucestershire. She has recently moved from London (‘fleeing the £8 pints’) to Glasgow - and is still ‘very green, or is it blue - I’m not sure which is correct yet’. Her book ‘This Diary (World) Belongs to Molly and Jonny’ was released in 2022: ‘Hilarious’ Daily Mail, ‘funny, original and unexpectedly moving’, Harry Peacock, ‘Ray Purchase’, Toast of London. She has previously written for: BBC Music Magazine; Drama and Theatre; the CBeebies annual; New Humanist; Warships International Fleet Review and others. Her children’s story book ‘A Conker for a Pearl’ was made into a stop-motion animation by Sasha Langford, and screened at InMotion Festival, Aberdeen.

Connection to Glasgow

Laura Clark lives in HIllhead in Glasgow.
Laura Clark
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