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Miranda Castro


Miranda Castro is a renowned homeopath and author of several bestselling titles. Since childhood she has enjoyed poetry in all its guises as a way to support healing and joy. She particularly loves the innate lyricism of poetry, and this has made her a big fan of the spoken word poets including hip hop and rap. Recently Miranda reconnected with an old friend over a shared sense of loss. Her friend sent her a poem that she hoped would provide some solace, a poem that she had shared with countless friends and patients over many years. Miranda was surprised to recognise the poem as one of her own and reading it made her weep. “This whole experience made me think I might stake a small claim to be a poet at heart. I believe poetry, like music, can be a powerful healing force for everyone."

Connection to Glasgow

Miranda is a visitor Glasgow and has lifelong friends who live there. "My time in the city has always been memorable and it is lovely to celebrate my connection with such a beautiful city in this poetic way."
Miranda Castro
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