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N. Chamchoun


Nayma Chamchoun is a self taught writer and poet. Her writing is influenced by her cultural duality. She is interested in female voices in the diaspora community, the challenges they face within both communities and the taboos around mental health within their ancestral communities. As an active member of London's vibrant Poetry and Spoken Word community, the international Poetry community online, Nayma has performed her work at several Poetry Open Mike events, including the Grenfell 5 year Anniversary. and several times has had her work featured on West Wiltshire Radio & BBC Radio London . Her published poetry collection COVID: THE WORDY WILDS OF A MIND UNDER LOCKDOWN is a cultural fusion poetry collection. Themes of identity, duality, displacement, loss, race, feminism, culture, family, love, and the search for inner peace are explored, alongside the effects of mental health, menopause, the pandemic and world events.

Connection to Glasgow

N. Chamchoun has family connections to Glasgow and is a frequent visitor, citing Glasgow as one of her favourite cities.
N.  Chamchoun
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