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Pip Adwin


Pip Adwin doesn't specialise in specific themes as such and is more inclined to work across a broad range of topics, while focusing in on particular subjects for periods of time. Currently focused on two themes (often inter related), they are – living with CPTSD, and generational culture and identity through memories of growing up in Scotland and the word ‘gathered’. Now 58, Pip Adwin spent twenty-five years working in homelessness and addictions, seven in issue based youth work, and has been travelling Europe in a motor-home during the last seven years. Having started writing poetry at around age seven Pip also writes prose and performs poetry, with past gigs including Museums Live in Edinburgh, Why Democracy event at the Scottish Parliament, Wickerman Festival, Radio 4 Scottish Finalists heat of UK Slam championships, BBC slam at the Fringe, and Edinburgh Book Festival slam among others. Published a few times over the years in small press journals and magazines, Pip has three poems coming out in December’s Dreich magazine, and is actively performing, submitting to quality journals, working on two poetry collections, as well as a debut fantasy novel. Having previously studied social sciences some 30 years ago Pip is in the beginning stages of the Open University BA (Hons) English Literature & Creative Writing. An active member of the OU Poets Society and OU Writers Club, Pip Adwin says, "Writing means the world to me. It has been my enduring passion since before I could even do it."

Connection to Glasgow

When eleven years old Pip Adwin moved with family from Clydebank to Shetland. Now based in Edinburgh for the last 20 years, and performing in Glasgow, as well as being in a Glasgow band for about 4 years, Pip Adwin's extended family live mostly in the Paisley area.
Pip Adwin
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