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Stephen Durkan


Stephen Durkan is a writer, spoken word artist, and musician who grew up in Saltcoats, a small post-industrial town that did not encourage the pursuit of poetry - but did provide plenty of poetic material. Stephen has written fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that has appeared in a variety of publications, including Structo, Oxford Culture Review and XXY Magazine. One of the poems was nominated for the Martin Starkie Prize by the Oxford Poetry Society. More recently, effort has been focused on a spoken word music project. This has yielded an EP entitled 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves' that melded spoken word existential rollercoasters and electronic post-punk. The themes covered in this EP are those which appear throughout Stephen's writing life: namely the overwhelming confusion of modern life and the toll it takes on our mental health.

Connection to Glasgow

Stephen Durkan was born in Glasgow, the city where all of his family are from.
Stephen Durkan
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