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The Glasgow Spartan Poet


In the shadows of our minds, fear does dwell,
A haunting spectre, where our worries swell.
The fear of loss, a spectre grim and cold,
Its icy grip on our hearts takes hold.

Change, a tempest in the sea of life,
With every wave, we're tossed in endless strife.
The unknown, a daunting, fathomless abyss,
Where dreams and doubts lie in a tangled chaos kiss.

We cling to the past, its grip so strong,
Dominating our present, a siren's song.
Addiction's lure, a dangerous call,
A precipice where we might slip and fall.

Break this cycle, cast your fears aside,
Replace them with hope, let your heart be your guide.
A better way of life, a path to find,
Where fear no longer controls our mind.

Fear, just one emotion in life's vast sea,
Countless others await, so wild and free.
Too much fear breeds anger, hate's cruel art,
Leading us away from the light, tearing us apart.

But stay in the light, in the fight, we shall stand,
Together we rise, hand in hand.
For in unity and love, we'll cope,
And replace our fears with a boundless hope.

This poem is about the fear that can consume an addict at any stage of their recovery journey and how only by letting go of our fear can we truly be at peace.

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