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The Glasgow Spartan Poet


The Glasgow Spartan Poet has wide experience of Glasgow, across the middle class lifestyle, the poverty lifestyle, the Glasgow party scene, as well as Glasgow's drug scene. The Glasgow Spartan Poet says,"The chaos and beauty of Glasgow has made this poet." Working as a learning and development consultant, whilst a keen gym goer and footballer both playing and coaching, The Glasgow Spartan Poet used to write poems and songs whilst in his early 20s only beginning again recently. Various trauma since 2020, caused him to fall into a state of alcohol and drug addiction from which he is now recovering (at time of writing 72 days clean and sober). He says, "I live an honest life and have found that expressing my experience and journey via the platform of poetry has had a profound impact on my recovery as well as reaching out to others through the power of sharing. I’m early in my poetry journey , but currently writing a book of recovery poems."

Connection to Glasgow

The Spartan Poet was born and raised in Glasgow
The Glasgow Spartan Poet
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